TECNOVI 1 began as a family craftsman company in the late seventies.

Today, after thirty years of experience, it has become an industrial organisation with vast expertise in the mechanical manufacturing sector oriented toward INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION and MECHANICAL MACHINING of MEDIUM AND LARGE SIZE parts intended for the general mechanical sector and the energy sector in general.

Tecnovi 1 is able to provide customers with innovative, efficient and modern solutions using the most cutting-edge technologies and systems available, but without straying from that unmistakeable craftsmanship that can be seen in the painstaking care for even the smallest details.

At Tecnovi 1 we create made to order works for our customer, making machines or systems according to the customer's design or developing brand new projects in order to meet the customer's specific needs. We use a “turnkey” formula supported by an efficient internal technical office that handles development and engineering for each project.

Our company's structure is divided into five main divisions:

  • INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION DIVISION with the development of robotic islands and special machines and/or systems
  • MECHANICAL MANUFACTURING DIVISION of medium and large size parts for the general mechanical sector and the energy sector in general.

All of the above, taking advantage of five technologically advanced divisions that are structured and equipped with modern machinery, equipment and systems


This type of structure is spread out over an area of about 9000 m2, 6000 of which are covered.

The covered area has bridge cranes for hoisting with capacities that range from 100 to 300 q.

Also, if necessary the various divisions are served by our own 30 ton self-propelled crane.

All of this allows us to design, build and test all the systems and machinery that we build within Tecnovi 1, thereby saving on costs and maximising quality standards at the same time with clear benefits to the end customer!

Experience, expertise and reliability make Tecnovi 1 a company at the service of its customers operating in Europe, Asia and America for installation and start-up of their systems.

Your needs and problems are on one side and on the other is our commitment to resolve them.

Tecnovì 1 S.r.l.
Design and construction of machines for industrial automation

Via Giorgione, 6
31030 Caselle di Altivole  - Treviso
Tel. 0423-915516 - Fax. 0423-919459

Partita IVA e C.F. IT n. 03934800263

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