Special Machines and Systems

Tecnovì Group designs and manufactures special machines designed to meet every production and industrial need. Every project is unique and an end unto itself. So, constant engagement with the customer is essential when setting goals, assessing together every possible obstacle to achieving those goals.

Automatic pallet wrapping

Rotating arm type pallet wrapping machine characterised as follows: machine designed for easy movement within logistics and storage plants fitted with a pallet loading area, wrapping area and pallet unloading area.

This is a completely automatic high efficiency machine.

Pipe machining centre for furnishing sector

Work centre characterised by:

– automatic pipe loader
– two pipe deformation units
– two CN type boring and tapping units
– manipulator for automatic pipe unloading

4 axis Cartesian robot

Technical characteristics:

– x axis travel 8000
– y axis travel 3500
– telescopic type z axis travel 2200
– 360° w axis
– x and y axes speed 2 m/sec
– Z axis speed 0.8 m/sec

Scara type robot for line end unloading

4 axis (3 rotating and one linear) Scara type robot. Work range 1800 mm and maximum palletising height of 2200 mm.

Automatic warehouse unit
Dual head Cartesian robot
Isola taglio billette
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